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Reliability analysis under Marshall-Olkin extended exponential distribution based on generalized progressively hybrid censored scheme(PDF)


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Reliability analysis under Marshall-Olkin extended exponential distribution based on generalized progressively hybrid censored scheme
 XIAO Jin’an HE XingshiWANG Yan
 School of Science, Xi’an Polytechnic University, Xi’an 710048,China
 Marshall-Olkin extended exponential distribution generalized progressively hybrid censoring Metropolis-Hastings sampling algorithm parameters estimation
O 213.2
In order to study the reliability index of Marshall-Olkin extended exponential distribution, based on the generalized progressively hybrid censored model, the unknown parameters of the distribution are estimated by classical estimation and Bayesian estimation methods.By numerical iteration method and asymptotic normal theory,the maximum likelihood estimates of the unknown parameters are given. Under the condition that the prior distribution is gamma distribution, the Bayesian estimator and the maximum posterior density confidence interval of unknown parameters are obtained by using Metropolis-Hastings sampling algorithm. The numerical simulation results show that the mean square error and interval length of Bayesian estimator are better than those of classical estimator.


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