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Establishment of ECG monitoring clothing and human body finite element analysis model(PDF)


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Establishment of ECG monitoring clothing and human body finite element analysis model
SUN XinjianDENG Yongmei
School of Apparel and Art Design,Xi’an Polytechnic University, Xi’an 710048, China
ECG monitoring clothing clothing digitization reverse engineering Geomagic studio mesh
TS 941.731
In order to simulate and analyze the pressure distribution of the electrocardiogram(ECG)monitoring clothing and the human body model under the simulated wearing conditions,the hand-held 3D scanner is used to scan the human body model with the monitoring clothing to obtain complete point cloud data.The reverse engineering software Geomagic studio is used to preprocess the point cloud data and reconstruct the model,and then the corresponding surface model is obtained.The obtained monitoring clothing and human body surface model is meshed. The finite element software abaqus is used to generate high quality mesh model. The deviation analysis results show that the smoothness of the model surface meets the modeling accuracy requirements. The mesh of the model has no missing mesh, which proves that the established ECG monitoring clothing and human finite element analysis model are effective.


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