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Preparation and energy transfer of Ce3+/Mn2+ co-doped Ca3Y(PO4)3 red phosphors(PDF)


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Preparation and energy transfer of Ce3+/Mn2+ co-doped Ca3Y(PO4)3 red phosphors
FENG Ningning1 2 YANG Jiegen1 YANG Zijian1 ZHANG Peixue1WANG Chunlan1
1.School of Science, Xi’an Polytechnic University, Xi’an 710048, China; 2.College of Physics and Optoelectronics, Taiyuan University of Technology, Taiyuan 030024, China
Ca3Y(PO4)3 red phosphors energy transfer high-temperature solid-state method chromaticity coordinate white light emitting diode
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In order to improve the red light loss in wite LED phosphors,a novel single-phase Ce3+/Mn2+ co-doped Ca3Y(PO4)3 red-phosphor was successfully prepared via a high temperature solid-state method. The study shows that after calcining at 1 350 ℃ for 10 h, the required samples could be synthesized only by the condition of rapid cooling, which can be demonstrated by X-ray diffraction(XRD)analysis. Upon 325 nm excitation, the emission spectra of Ca3Y(PO4)3:Ce3+, Mn2+ samples have two emitting centers at about 383 nm and 620 nm, respectively, corresponding to the electron transition of 5d-4f of Ce3+ as well as4T1(4G)-6A1(6S)of Mn2+. As Mn2+-doping concentration increases, the luminescent colour of the sample gradually moves from blue light to red light, until the concentration of Mn2+ ion reaches 0.12 mol, and the chromaticity coordinate of the sample is(0.406, 0.221)in the red light part, which is due to the energy transfer of Ce3+→Mn2+ ions, whose energy transfer mechanism is the electric quadrupole-quadrupole interaction. Moreover, the crystal field environment at the Mn2+ luminescence center is changed because of the influence of Mn2+ doping concentration, resulting in the red shift of its emitting center from 615 to 627 nm. Based on the above analysis, a novel single-phase Ca3Y(PO4)3:Ce3+, Mn2+ red phosphor is synthesized, which owns potential application value in the phosphors-converted white light-emitting-diodes(LEDs).


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