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The rheological properties of multiphase shear thickening fluids(PDF)


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The rheological properties of multiphase shear thickening fluids
TIAN Mingyue SUN Runjun WANG Ruining WANG Qiushi CHEN Meiyu
School of Textile Science and Engineering, Xi’an Polytechnic University, Xi’an 710048, China
shear thickening fluid dispersion medium silicon carbide rheological property
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In order to study the rheological behavior of multiphase shear thickening fluids(STFs),with the gas phase silicon dioxide(SiO2)and silicon carbide(SiC)as the dispersed phases, polyethylene glycol(PEG200)as the dispersion medium, the multiphase shear thickening fluids were prepared.The rheological properties of shear thickening fluids with different mass fraction of SiC were tested by rotational rheometer. The multiphase shear thickening fluids of steady state and dynamic rheological behavior rules were analyzed. The results show that the addition of SiC particles increases the viscosity of STFs system. Under steady-state rheology, STFs first thin and then thicken with the increase of shear rate. The increase of SiC content will reduce the critical shear rate, shorten the thickening period and increase the thickening ratio. In the case of dynamic rheology, loss modulus(G″)is greater than storage modulus(G’)in the dispersed system, and energy consumption is the main factor. The system is mainly manifested as viscosity, and the modulus increases with the increase of SiC content.


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