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 A binge drinking model with two stages structure and random perturbation(PDF)


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 A binge drinking model with two stages structure and random perturbation
SONG Nana1GE Yang2
 1.College of Mobile Telecommunications,Chongqing University of Posts and Telecom,Chongqing 410520,China;
2.Pass College of Chongqing Technology and Business University,Chongqing 410520,China
stages structures stochastic binge drinking model stochastic stability
O 175.13
A binge drinking model with two stages and random perturbation is introduced. The random fluctuation around the alcohol-present equilibrium of deterministic binge drinking model is studied. The stochastic asymptotical stability of the alcohol-present equilibrium is proved by constructing Lyapunov function and applying Ito’s formula. If the deterministic basic production number R0>01, there is a stationary distribution, which means that the binge drinking will prevail. In addition, it is noted that transmission coefficient, the natural death rate and the relapse rate play a crucial role for the stochastic asymptotical stability of the model.


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