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A novel adaptive sliding mode controller for a class of uncertain fractional-order chaotic systems(PDF)


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A novel adaptive sliding mode controller for a class of uncertain fractional-order chaotic systems
 CAO YeWU Baowei
 College of Mathematics and Information Science,Shaanxi Normal University,Xi’an 710119,China
 fractional-order chaotic system adaptive control sliding mode control
TP 273
An adaptive sliding mode method is proposed to stabilize a class of uncertain fractional-order chaotic systems.The fractional-order integrator is designed introduced to obtain a novel sliding surface,and the sliding mode dynamic equation is demonstrated to stability by fractional stability theory.Then a suitable adaptive sliding controller is constructed by the estimation of the upper bound of uncertainties,which can guarantee system stability and weaken the chattering in the system.Finally the fractional-order chen system and fraction-order system are taken as an examples to simulate.The simulation results show that the proposed method provides the robustness to parametric perturbation and external disturbances,and minimizes the chattering problem in sliding mode control.


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