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Design of textile manufacturing execution system based on process modeling(PDF)


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Design of textile manufacturing execution system based on process modeling
 WANG Zhigang
Science and Technology Administration Department, Xi’an Polytechnic University, Xi’an 710048, China
manufacturing execution system textile industry data integration process modeling
TS 103.2
To solve the problem that information cannot be convergence between production planning layer and shop manufacturing layer in the textile enterprise, a system framework oriented to manufacturing layer for textile manufacturing execution system was built. Then, by analyzing the data flow in the manufacturing process, a system task scheduling algorithm based on multi-agent was proposed via multi-agent theory. In the LAN environment, a textile manufacturing execution system oriented to manufacturing-level was developed. The practical application of sub-system results show that manufacturing execution system has achieved effective information convergence between production planning layer and shop manufacturing layer, and solved the problem of high duplication degree and low utilization of internal data. Furthermore, the architecture of the system is simple and easy maintenance.


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