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 Effect of high silicone glass fiber on mechanical properties of porous carbon-based composites(PDF)


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 Effect of high silicone glass fiber on mechanical properties of porous carbon-based composites
TIAN Lu WANG Chen WANG Bin YAN Shuailu MA Yongqiang LUO Xiaoyu
 School of Textiles and Materials,Xi’an Polytechnic University, Xi’an 710048, China
 high silicone glass fiber foaming phenolic resin carbon-based composites
TB 324
In order to improve the mechanical properties of caron-based composities, the porous carbon-based composites were obtained by carbonized phenolic foam which was prepared by foaming after modifing with high silica glass fiber. The mechanical properties of the composites were investigated by the cantilever impact tester and the microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine. The effects of the mass concentration,length and fiber diameter of high silica glass fiber on the mechanical properties of porous carbon-based composites were studied. The results show that the reinforcing effect of glass fiber whose diameter is 6.5 μm is the most obvious. The mechanical properties of the composites are the best for samples with fiber mass concentration of 6% and length of 6 mm: The compressive strength is 0.36 MPa, the impact strength is 1.43 kJ/m2, and bending strength is 0.47 MPa.


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