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Full state hybrid projective synchronization of chaotic systems with uncertain parameters(PDF)


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Full state hybrid projective synchronization of chaotic systems with uncertain parameters
 ZHU Shaoping LIU Jin
 School of Statistics, Xi’an University of Finance and Economics, Xi’an 710100,China
FSHPS(full state hybrid projective synchronization) uncertain chaotic system adaptive control parameters identification
O 231.2; TP 301.5
In view of the issus of full state hybrid projective synchronization(FSHPS)of uncertain chaotic systems, based on Lyapunov theory and adaptive control method, a general sufficient conditions for the FSHPS of identical or different chaotic systems with fully unknown parameters are presented. Meanwhile,parameters estimates convergence is proved.Numerical simulations on the chaotic system and the hyperchaotic system are presented to verify the effectiveness of the proposed scheme.


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