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Weighted group inverses of matrices over semiringsYANG(PDF)


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Weighted group inverses of matrices over semiringsYANG
Yang1REN Miaomiao2WANG Jinyu2
1.Department of Basic,Xi’an Siyuan University,Xi’an 710038,China;
2.Department of Mathematics,Northwest University,Xi’an 710127, China
semiring weighted group inverses congruence lattice
O 152.7
In order to study the weighted group inverses of matrices over a semiring,group inverses of matrix and T-V inverse are introduced.The existence and uniqueness of weighted group inverses over a semiring is analysed. Some necessary and sufficient conditions of product of three matrices the weighted group inverses over a semiring are obtianed, and the expressions of the weighted group inverses over a semiring are given. The obtained results generalize some conclusions for group inverses of square matrices over a semiring.


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