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 Mathematical model and algorithm for shortest path
problem in fuzzy weighted network


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 Mathematical model and algorithm for shortest path
problem in fuzzy weighted network
 SUN Xiaojun
 Institute of Mathematics and Information Science Baoji University of Arts and SciencesBaoji 721013ShaanxiChina
TP 301.6
 The shortest path problem in fuzzy wejghted network is an important network optimization problem.In view of the shortest path problem in the fuzzy weighted network whose weight is triangular fuzzy number, the fuzzy linear programming model is converted into a classical linear programming model by using the weighted ranking of fuzzy number’s structured element, and an improved weight matrix method is proposed to solve the problem. The new algorithm correctness is proved and its effectiveness is illustrated by an example. In addition, the mathematical model and new algorithm in this paper are as effective as other fuzzy weighted network with other fuzzy number.


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