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 Synthesis and application for silicone quaternary ammonium antibacterial agent GD-2(PDF)


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 Synthesis and application for silicone quaternary ammonium antibacterial agent GD-2
 ZHU WeiLI QingZHU YumengLI YafeiHAN Faxiao
 School of Environmental and Chemical Engineering,Xi’an Polytechnic University,Xi’an 710048,China
 antibacterial agent antibacterial rate cotton fabrics
TS 193.2
 In order to enable the textile and the users to avoid microbial disoperation, sixteen/eighteen tertiary amines and γ-chloropropyl trimethoxy siloxane are adopted to prepare antibacterial agent GD-2 and then antibiotic finish is performed on pure cotton fabrics. The technology of synthesis and application are also studied.The optimal synthesis technology is as follows:sixteen/eighteen tertiary amines:γ-chloropropyl trimethoxy siloxane:ethyl alcohol=1:1.1:2, at 80℃ for 36h. And the appropriate application technology conditions are:usage amount of GD-2 is 20g/L, pH=6, pre-baking and baking temperature are 80℃ and 120℃, respectively. Antibacterial rate towards Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus are 99.74% and 99.37%, respectively.


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