Basic Sciences Journal of Textile Universities, a textile fundamental academic periodical sponsored by Xi’ an Polytechnic University and superintended by Education Department of Shaanxi Province, was founded in 1987 and quarterly issued at home and abroad. Its International Standard Serial Number is ISSN 1006-8341, National Serial Number is CN 61-1296/TS. Professor Gao Ling, the president of Xi’an Polytechnic University, serves as editor in chief.

The journal publishes papers with originality in Textile and Materials Science, Garment Intelligent Manufacturing and Basic Science. Its purpose is to serve scientific researchers engaged in research, production, teaching and learning in the field of textile science through academic exchanges and promote the progress of China’s basic Textile Science and textile engineering. Among the readers are students, faculties, educators, and administrators in higher learning institutions, and those in scientific research, production and management. Contributions from those concerned are sincerely welcome.

The journal is size A4. By December 2019, 126 issues have been published. The editorial department has 5 full-time editors, all of whom have master’s degree and 2 part-time staffs. The editorial board consists of 56 experts with senior title. Their research field involving textiles, garments, mathematics, physics, chemistry, and other important subjectsThe journal is now the source periodical of Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (ISTIC), of Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database (CAJCED), , and indexed by such domestic databases as China National Knowledge Internet (CNKI), Chongqing VIP, Wanfang Data and China Open Access Journals (COAJ), and international ones as Scopus, CSA, CA, Zbl, EBSCHost, Ulrichsweb etc.

In recent years, we have won many honors. The journal has now fully realized digital publishing and digital mobile reading services.
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[LIANG Gaoyong1,WANG Qiushi2,HE Caiting2,WANG Shan2,SUN Runjun2]
2021 01 [Abstract](211)[PDF:1530KB] (211)
[SONG Danqing,WEI Liang,SUN Runjun,ZHAGN Yixin ZHANG Zhaohuan,LIU Chengkun,DONG Jie]
2021 01 [Abstract](307)[PDF:10852KB] (307)
[LIU Fan1, TAN Yanjun1, HUO Qian2, WANG Jiye1, ZHONG Luhua1, LI Yongqiang1]
2021 01 [Abstract](268)[PDF:1536KB] (268)
[YU Shuo,SHEN Yanqin,YAO YiJun,WU Hailiang]
2021 01 [Abstract](132)[PDF:2039KB] (132)
[GUO Quan, YAO Yijun, SHEN Yanqin, WU Hailiang]
2021 01 [Abstract](151)[PDF:1695KB] (151)
[BAO Zhengzhuang1,ZHOU Jie1,LU Dandan1,LAU Newman2,ZHANG Jun2]
2021 01 [Abstract](150)[PDF:2376KB] (150)
[MA Jinxiu,ZHANG Huanhuan,JING Junfeng,LI Pengfei,WANG Zhen,WU Jingtao]
2021 01 [Abstract](135)[PDF:2554KB] (135)
[WANG Zhenjie,ZHOU Jie,ZHANG Xiaodan]
2021 01 [Abstract](181)[PDF:1964KB] (181)
[LIU Xiqian,LIU Lingwen,WANG Xiaojun, WU Hanwen]
2021 01 [Abstract](184)[PDF:1832KB] (184)
Basic Sciences Journal of Textile Universities

(原《西安工程科技学院学报》) (1986年创刊 双月刊)
Superintended by:
Education Department of Shaanxi Province
Sponsored by:
Xi`an Polytechnic University & China Textile and Apparel Education Society
Gao Ling
Edited & Published by:
Editorial Dept of Journal of XPU
19 Jinhua South Road, Xi`an 710048,P,R.China
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